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What is shared here are real life testimonial of people and patients all around the world who have benefited from drinking Kangen Water®, not just recovering from illness but in overall health, body and mind.

We consulted doctors when we were sick and we were given the about the same type of medicine and treatment as everyone in the world. Many medicine and treatment doesn't really treat the illness or at least have negative effects on our body if taken for long time even it "kill" the diseases. Does it mean that curing one disease may have created another one or same disease which may surface years later?

For example, doctors advise cancer patients to go through chemotherapy. We all know that Chemotherapy basically like dropping an atomic bomb inside our body, killing the healthy and cancer cells. Maybe more than 80% of the patients who went through the treatment didn't make it, yet many of us still listen to the doctors and receive the treatment. Have we ever thought logically if we have strong healthy cells then cancer cells won't have won the battle? When our bodies are acidic, it is the best environment for cancer cells (in fact for most chronic diseases) to survive instead of healthy cells. Cells won't be as healthy as it should be in an acidic environment. Having Chemotherapy may have kill those healthy cells in all other parts of the body which is also in the acidic environment, reducing the number of healthy cells in our body. Does it mean that other parts of our body are more susceptible to cancer cells attack or other chronic diseases? Does this explain why many cancer patients didn’t make it after the treatment or contracted cancer in other parts of body? Does it explain why patients going through Chemotherapy can't afford to fall ill during the treatment? Reducing the number of healthy cells in our bodies make us weak.

Whatever medicine or treatment we take, it doesn’t change the state and condition of our body, it just remove it temporarily and it doesn’t help our body to have an environment to do what it does best which is self-healing. Many have benefited from Kangen Water®, not only helping them with their illness but also their entire body and health improves.

We are not discouraging you from consulting doctors. Doctors help us diagnose our health problems but doctor can’t let our body recover to healthy stage as medicine and treatment only remove the problem part of our body. This doesn’t mean we are healthy again after taking medicine and undergoing operations to remove problem parts of our body temporary. We need to eat and drink right to improve the environment within our body so that our cells can perform what it does best.

If we can eat and drink right, we don’t have to worry about hearing bad news from our doctors or even having the need to visit them as we are healthy. Thus, don’t wait until we receive bad news from doctors then start to realize the importance of eating and drinking right to have good health. Time waits for no man. Similarly, the disease and virus doesn't wait for you to get your body condition to a healthy alkaline state.

Kangen Water® has helped many recover from chronic diseases and many other illness to regain health, it can help prevent it. Prevention is better than cure. Take good care of your body and health, right here right now.


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