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Skin Problems Testimonials

Eczema Testimonial 01

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Eczema Testimonial 02
Before After

STRONG ACIDIC WATER pH 2.5 used in many Japan hospital for treatment of various skin conditions. E.g. Eczema, Psoriasis, Gangrene and etc. Patients are also advised to drink KANGEN WATER pH 8.0 ~ 10.0 daily and use STRONG ACIDIC WATER pH 2.5 to bathe the infected areas.

After 2 weeks, the vesicles dried up. Eczema completely cleared without any relapse.

Source: Prof. Tamura Taisuji, Keifuku Rehabilitation Center.


Psoriasis Testimonial 01

Patient has Psoriasis for many years and seen many doctors and tried different medication has not really recover.

Patient was introduced to KANGEN WATER. He was initially skeptical  before as he has not recover from medication. He was supplied with FREE KANGEN WATER and STRONG ACID WATER.

Based on water consumption of 45ml per kg body weight, patient stop medication and start drinking 3.5l of KANGEN WATER pH 9.5 and clean the infected skin with STRONG ACIDIC WATER pH 2.5. The results is shown above. Patient was taken by surprise by this and purchase this SD501 without anymore doubt.


Chronic Diabetes With Gangrene Testimonial 01