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Importance of drink clean & healthy water

Clean and healthy water refers to water that has no contamination, no chlorine, anti-oxidizing, very alkalizing and micro-clustered. These properties will help our body return to its origin healthy state.

Every day we have people coming into this world and people leaving this this world due to illness or old age. Technically, human’s average life span should be about 4 times to 5 times of our years of growth (about 25 years) which is about 120 to 125 years, dying due to old age. However, due to the world that we are living in now which is polluted, having chemical or GMO in the food and water that we eat and drink, stress, negative emotions and etc, instead of dying of old age between 120 to 125 years old, our life span has shorten and many of us are suffering chronic diseases and dying at much younger age. Nowadays chronic diseases are not solely adult diseases. More and more new born babies and children under age of 12 years old are also suffering from chronic diseases.

Today, we are all at the mercy of chronic diseases and aging at an accelerating speed, compared to people in the past. Major causes of most chronic diseases are due to excessive free radicals in our body and acidic body, and the cause of accelerated aging is due to excessive free radicals which are not removed from our bodies.

Free radicals are produced during various metabolic activities within our bodies and our body are also exposed to free radicals present in our surrounding environment. Thus, exposure and production free radicals are inevitable. Free radicals attack our cells and tissues, causing them to oxidized/aged at an accelerated rate and/or causing them to fail. When our bodies are not able to remove the excessive free radicals timely, we are putting ourselves at risk of many different chronic diseases.

Anti-oxidant is free radicals biggest enemy. They act as scavengers, helping to prevent cell and tissue damage that could lead to cellular damage and diseases. Commonly known anti-oxidants are vitamin C and vitamin E. The ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) of a vitamin C is only about -50mV. (Negative value of ORP is good for health as they are anti-oxidant and positive value of ORP is bad for health as they are oxidative.) However, they are insufficient to fight against the free radicals.

What you have been drinking and available in the market are all oxidative water (ORP value of Tap water, Reverse Osmosis/Mineral water, Sodas are about +200mV, + 280mV and +400mV), meaning the more we drink the more we are oxidizing our cells. So what is the clean and healthy water that we should drink? Property of clean and healthy water should be anti-oxidizing, meaning of negative ORP value.

Our bodies are alkaline in natural when we are born. Due to the environment, food and drink we take, stress, negative emotions and etc, our bodies turn acidic. Acidic body is the cause of many chronic diseases. Cancer, diabetic, gout and arthritis patients have acidic bodies. Today, the top 3 chronic diseases cancer, heart diseases and diabetic which are mainly cause by acidic bodies.

More than 80% of our food and almost all our drinks are acidic; this is why many people are suffering from chronic diseases at younger age and even babies and children. Most bottle waters pH is about 6.0 to 6.5 while sodas and sports drink are about pH2.5 (close to pH of stomach acid). Today, many top athletes are aware of this and stay away from these drinks. Clean and healthy water should also have alkalinity properties.

With free radicals attacking our bodies and acidic food and drinks we take every day, how are we able to protect our bodies from free radicals attacks, remove the excessive free radicals from our body and maintain the alkaline pH level of 7.35 to 7.45 to stay healthy, age slower, enjoy healthy retirement and longevity?

There are vegetables that are alkaline and anti-oxidant but they are not easily absorbed by our bodies. Asians eat a lot of vegetables but they are all cooked vegetables. Vegetables have lost its anti-oxidant properties after been exposed to high temperature and the alkalinity properties are not easily been absorbed by our bodies. Some of us may choose supplements or vitamins pills as alternatives. But many of these supplements and vitamins are actually not good for our bodies. Do we want to constantly remind ourselves to take the supplements every day? Is the supplements and vitamins sufficient to protect us? There was an experiment done on 2 groups of 50 cancer patients in America before, one group took supplements that is claimed good for cancer patients while the other group didn’t. The result was that the group taking supplements die earlier than the group that doesn’t. As mentioned before, the power of marketing is so great that has fooled many of us to actually spend money to hurt ourselves without asking is it really good, has it been proven, is there testimonials and etc.

Clean and healthy water is best solution for us now. Water is in the same state as our blood: fluid. Properties clean, healthy and micro-clustered water can be easily absorbed by our body. Here we offer true clean and healthy water that is able to let us maintain our good health and/or let our body return to its healthy stage.

Chronic diseases do not happen overnight. It is accumulative damage of our inner body till that the stage that our body doesn't have the environment to perform self-healing effectively, our body is not able to adjust/compensate itself and then it start to fail. Most of the time when a patient is be diagnosed of chronic disease, it is usually at a very late stage. There is an old Chinese saying “There is no pill for immortality or pill for no illness, but there are ways to maintain our health and achieve longevity.”

Effects of Kangen Water® On Chronic Diseases

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