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Mr. Robert Wright - Founder of American Anti-Cancer Institute

Mr. Wright received his B.S. Degree in Education at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon. He later became a Vice President of Sales for the Pacific Aerospace & Electronics Company in Wenatchee, Washington and worked personally on the development of the International Space Station.

After over 25 years of private study, Mr. Wright has emerged as an authentic American "cancer whisperer", counseling cancer patients free of charge since his founding of the Institute in 2008. With skill and compassion, he teaches cancer patients how to correct the underlying metabolic basis of the disease in order to elicit their own body's healing response. It works. There is nothing more gratifying for Bob Wright than having a hand in saving a life. Healing cancer is his passion.

Wright founded the Institute as the educational presence for his proposed American Anti-Cancer Center: a 50-acre, cancer-healing complex, which he designed to reflect the "voice of the people" in desiring a clear healthcare departure from conventional cancer care.

Mr. Wright is the author of the book Killing Cancer – Not People, the first in a series educating the public as to the truth about cancer as a reversible, curable immune disease. In Chapter six, Mr. Robert Wright speaks about Enagic's SD501 being the only water ionizer of choice for cancer patients.

Mr. Robert Wright drinks and recommends Kangen Water®

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