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About i-SiRoD

i-SiRoD is an authorized distributor of Enagic, established in 2014, to bring true health and sharing love and care to humans, animals and plants.

Kangen Water® has cured my backache that torture me for close to 30 years, cured my mum’s asthma that torture her for 20 over years, coughing badly at night. My mum was down with cancer and was supposed to undergo chemotherapy but refused to do it as she knows that the treatment will kill both healthy and cancer cells. She chooses to take Kangen Water® and she is recovering. She has more energy, feels better and skin is better than before.

Many of us have seen people with chronic diseases such as Arthritis, Gout, Cancer, Diabetic, Parkinson, Autism, Heart attack, Hyper-tension, High cholesterol who has seen doctor and/or undergo surgery but they only recover temporary and have relapsed. Pills and surgery don’t remove diseases permanently if the inner body environment is still the same as before. Relapse happens because the inner body environment is still the same as before which is favorable for the disease to survive or reborn.

Our body is the most intelligent and high tech machine/engine, it can do self-healing given the correct inner and external environment. Like a car engine, if you don’t put in the best oil in it and service it regularly, some day it will end up in the workshop for overhauling by mechanic. Even after overhauling if one doesn’t put in the best oil and maintain it. In near future, it will be due for scrap.

Our body will give indicator or signal, like a car oil change or over heat red light indicator, that the inner environment is beyond the threshold it can accept to perform self-healing. Hyper-tension and high cholesterol are very good indicator. Almost all chronic diseases patient has either one of this many years before they are down with diabetic, gout, heart-attack, cancer and etc. Stop abusing your body.

Healthy body doesn’t happen overnight so do the damage to our body. If you drink water, Kangen Water® can let your body return to origin, creating the optimal inner environment for your body to do what it does best: self-healing. Start giving your body the right water and live healthy and happy.

Love yourself, your family and pets. Everyone deserves true healthy body, mind and soul. CHANGE YOUR WATER, CHANGE YOUR LIFE™.

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